We create custom software solutions and tools for business process automation and optimization

We are a team of professionals and we have brought to life multiple custom solutions. Tell us about your business and we will think how we can help you


We will not ask a requirements specification. We will ask you about your goals and then help you achieve them.


Depending on your goals we offer you a solution that we believe will best suit your business needs.


There's a myriad of technologies out there. Let us choose those that let you save time and money.


Each website or software must be maintained throughout time and changed to be up-to-date. We will take care of yours.

Our leading team

Vladimir - CEO, software architect, senior full-stack developer


Our leader. Senior software engineer, system architect and security specialist

Sergey - Senior full-stack developer


Senior software engineer and specialist for testing

Stanislav - Full-stack developer


Experienced full-stack engineer

Cyrill - Full-stack developer


Experienced full-stack engineer

Katerina - Product Owner


Product Owner

How to find us?

City Riga - panoramic view

If you are looking for a company able to create

  • systems for managing a large number of customers or managing warehouses,
  • complex systems that extend in capabilities far beyond a simple informative website,
  • or simply tired of slow and outdated back-offices and office IT systems.
We can help you! We can create website and software applications that will help you distribute resources, time, personnel, systems that will be dynamic and able to process large amounts of data with a good performance.   If you want to create a website for your clients we can help you create systems that will dynamically display contents depending on client types and their chosen services.

In case of any inquiries or proposals we kindly ask you to write us an email to welcome@petelink.dev.