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What is a brief and why we don't require a technical specification?

A brief is a fundamental document that describes the future solution. We will write a brief for you, but you should think about goals that the future software or website should reach.

Brief is written by a specialist at our company after having an interview with the stakeholders. It contains requirements specification, goals and business tasks, brand colours, technical requirements, etc. During the interview, our specialist and the client can also set delivery dates and plan the budget for the project. The interview takes 1–2 h. In case of big projects, we can have several interviews to discuss everything.

Development process

Generally speaking, the development process means writing a source code, but it also provides plenty of room for variations.

First, choosing the programming language, technologies, creating an architecture and choosing a database, which will store all the data. Second, depending on what has been previously chosen will impact how much money and time will be spent on maintenance and new feature development. Petelink only hires experienced professionals to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the solution.

Done! Now what?

How to maintain the new systems? How to ensure that everything stays in place? How to secure and protect everything? All systems must be kept up-to-date. Also, it's advised to test systems against security threats, hacker attacks and simply create backups from time to time.

Petelink offers a full range of services even after the development has ended.